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Google actively enhances the security of the Android OS and introduces such “anti-theft” protection as binding a device to a Google account. This article discusses how to unlock your device after a reset. We present here FRP Bypass APK Free Download file.

So with the version of Android 5.1 Lollipop has added a new mechanism against thefts. The essence of which is as follows: the owner of a smartphone or tablet after the purchase binds this device to himself. When he enters his Google account if the device is stolen and the attacker erases all data. Google Device Protection called Factory Reset Protection or FRP.

FRP Bypass

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But not everything went as smoothly as you wanted, if you bought the phone with your hand or forgot your account and performed a reset, then naturally you run into FRP protection. FRP Bypass APK Free Download file given below.

Let’s first look at the official version of resetting FRP or how to avoid getting into this problem when resetting, and then consider all the ways of bypassing Factory Reset Protection.

Enter the login and password from the Google account that was before the reset, if the device is bought from the hands, then ask for this information

To disable the protection after the Factory Reset Protection (FRP), you will need to go to Android Settings -> “Accounts / Accounts ” and delete the Google Account before you can directly reset it.

Activate “Developer Mode / (Debug USB)” and enable “Unlock OEM”.

If after the reset, Android does not accept the password.

If you try to enter a Google account after resetting your Android settings, but you cannot go any further, then most likely you recently reset your password, if so, then wait 24-72 hours, then try again.

Below you will be offered many methods of how to unofficially circumvent the protection of FRP, you just have to try each one to get a working Android as a result.

Bypassing Google Account after reset

We go through the menu of the initial configuration of the device and connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Enter e-mail and try to highlight it, the message “Send / Share” appears, select this item.

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Open via SMS application.

In the field to whom we enter the number 112 and in the body of the letter we write again some text and send it.

You will be notified that SMS was not delivered, select this message.

In the top there is a button “Call “, click on it.

In number dialers, delete number 112 and enter *#*#4636#*#*.

A menu will open for testing the device, click on each item, one will redirect you to Android Settings.

In the settings go to the “Reset and Restore” section and do a full reset.

Option 6 bypassing Google Account after reset for devices with MTK chip.

For this method, you will need an official firmware for installation using a computer. In this firmware, there must be a scatter.txt file.

Download and install the driver on your computer

Install Notepad ++ on your computer

In the folder with the firmware, locate the scatter.txt file and open it through Notepad ++

Look in the text file “FRP” partition b and then copy the value of the field.

Google Account crawl after reset closes the scatter.txt file.

Run the program for flash SP Flash Tool and in the field “Scatter-loading file” we specify the path to the scatter.txt file.

Switch to the Format tab in the SP Flash Tool and specify.


Google with each new release of Android is trying to raise the level of security of this mobile operating system. It introduces new protection mechanisms. Get the FRP Bypass APK Free Download file and solve your FRP problem.