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Serial monogamy - definition of serial monogamy by The ...

Serial monogamy and double brooding in the White-cheeked (Bahama) Pintail Anas bahamensis bahamensis.

Monogamy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Overview. It is important to have a clear understanding of the nomenclature of monogamy because scientists use the term monogamy for different relationships.

Is Serial Monogamy Worth Pursuing? | Psychology Today

I don't think you can group monogamy with peace, equity, honesty, etc. The concept of monogamy is between two consenting people specifically; deciding you've found ...

Urban Dictionary: serial monogamist

A descriptor for a person who has commitment issues but does not engage in cheating or infidelity. A serial monogamist likes the emotional and physical ...

3 Reasons Serial Monogamy Is The New Monogamy These Days ...

Serial monogamy is a happy medium for many. Serial lovers get to explore these different components of their personalities with each relationship.

Monogamy - definition of monogamy by The Free Dictionary

No one can appreciate the peace, the holy satisfaction of monogamy till he has passed through the wasting distractions, the unrest of polygamy.

Monogamy | Define Monogamy at

Monogamy definition, marriage with only one person at a time. See more.

Monogamy - Animal Behavior Online

Monogamy. Monogamy--the pairing of a single male with a single female--is common in birds but rare in most other animals. Monogamy usually requires that animals be ...

College Sex: 'Hookups' Are More Talk Than Action

Despite the belief that casual sex in college is widespread, students are actually more talk than action when it comes to hooking up. A new study finds that college ... - Polygamy laws expose our own hypocrisy

If the court agrees to take the case, it would be forced to confront a 126-year-old decision allowing states to criminalize polygamy that few would find ...