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I've been a Homicide Detective for the past decade and the worst thing I have ever witnessed is silence

You can find Part 2 [here]( ---- Most people would think that working in the Homicide Investigation Unit of one of the busiest (and most dangerous) cities in the world is terrifying. After all, in places like this, horrific crimes and serial killers are part of the daily routine, right? Wrong. I hate to break it to you but, as a homicide detective and Veteran Soldier, almost nothing gets to me a...

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Barren County body ID'd as believed victim of serial ...

On July 12, 2007, truck driver Bruce Mendenhall of Albion, Ill., was captured after a detective who was investigating the death of a Tennessee woman saw blood coming ...

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A serial killer lived next door, and I had no idea. (Part 3)

[**PART ONE**]( [**PART TWO**]( ------------------------------------------------------- My entire Wednesday night was sacrificed, as I was forced to answer any and all questions that each and every investigator had for me. Each task force had a working theory, none of which seemed, to me, to have any real merit to them. At around 3a.m., after being interviewed so many times that I lost count, I was told that I would be protected at a motel out of ...

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[Table] Iama Detective specializing in violent felonies against people, AMAA

**Verified?** *(This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)* **Date:** 2013-08-19 **[Link to submission](** (*Has self-text*) Questions|Answers :--|:-- [What is the least violent crime you investigate?](|Intimidating a state witness. Calling them and breathing into the phone is normally enough for a conviction. [What is the most violent crime...

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Memory, Murder, and Malleability - Why Jay Can't Be a Total Liar

As a TIL fan, I was on board with Serial from Day 1. I've listened to each Podcast more than once, and while I've been a lurker on Reddit (longtime fan of TIL, NSFW, and other subreddits) I feel compelled to post against the popular tide this week of Serial. I'm not a lawyer (an engineer as my handle reveals), but I have completed multiple college legal classes. Thus I have a yeoman's knowledge of the legal process and a deductive mind. And I have a couple cop friends as a bonus. This week is a...

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SPOILER: IT WAS HIDING IN THE TALL GRASS – A Unified REALIST Theory (aka Daddy’s Story Time with Nic P)

A Realist (NO CULT) Theory – (skip down to the ******META NARRATIVE****** for cliff’s notes version) There are SPOILERS throughout, many speculative. But the key to everything is THE LONG GRASS and the monster waiting in it. No satanic cults. Just a lot of greed and the very screwed up serial killer it bred. And why the circle won’t be stopped with Episode 8. It’s all about the responsibility of fatherhood. Here goes: **THE AREA:** *1 Tuttle and Co are not running a satanic cult but a sex tr...

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Just got robbed at gun point at New York Pizzeria

Last update: *"UPDATE 4"* on Sept 26 ---- Sucks pretty bad because I had a lot of work on that laptop. I quit my job July 3rd to start a business, and I lost a lot of data. I went for a walk up there at around 10 PM. I was there for about an hour when I was robbed. I was jamming out to music while doing work on the outside patio furniture at New York Pizzeria. One man approached me and pulled out a gun. Another was near the wall with him. They demanded everything I had. They ran off with, * My...

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Happy Valentine's Day, SPO: PCR Roundup

It was a crazy week. I missed the first day of the hearings almost entirely, and never got caught up until I entered the witnesses into the [post conviction timeline]( yesterday. I’ve never followed a live event on twitter and can’t say that I ever want to again. Feel free to skip to the timeline. The list below is just a few highlights from the week: - Thank you to /u/Adnans_Cell, for [explaining Fitzgerald’s tes...

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Driver Detective ... Smart Driver Updater is a commercial program that can be downloaded and tested at ... Certified for: Windows 10/8/7, Vista, XP, 32 bit - 64 bit.

A second look at Johnny Gosch and the mysterious failed abductions

*[This is an update to* [***this post***]( *about a string of failed abduction attempts that occurred in the Des Moines area between July 1986 and September 1989, and their potential to be connected to the disappearances of Johnny Gosch and Eugene Martin. Please read that one first if you haven’t already, as this post is updating and building on information in the first one and won’t ma...

Cliffs Notes - Trial Transcript, Jan 31, 2000

[January 31, 2000 Trial Transcript]( , [alt]( (version made available by RC) - **Page 4-22 - Officer Scott Adcock, Baltimore County Police** - Page 5 - Adcock responded to call from the Lees on 1/13. Adcock asked for phone numbers of Hae's friends - Page 8 - Adcock says that during the call on 1/13, Adnan said that he saw Hae at school on 1/13 and she was going to give him a ride home, but he got deta...

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Apr 15, 2015 ... This allows you to download and install the up-to-date Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP ... Driver Detective Serial Key Patch Keygen Full Download.

(SPOILER) Episode 9...

So, a lot went down on last night's episode of SQ. Let's go over what happened. IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE RECENT EPISODE AND JUST DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED STOP READING RIGHT NOW AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE BECAUSE EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED WILL BE DISCUSSED OKAY SO DON'T YELL AT ME FOR SPOILING I WARNED YOU OKAY THANK YOU LET'S CONTINUE 1. Dean Munsch revealed to Grace (and Zayday, I believe) that the girl that died in the bathtub had *two* babies that night, one boy and one girl. 2. It was reveale...

Respect The Question (Vic Sage) (Post-Crisis DC)

##[**Respect The Question!**]( --- *"I'm Vic Sage."* *"No, sir. 'Vic Sage' is a name you took when you was on television."* *"My real name is Victor Szasz."* *"Wrong again. 'Victor Szasz' is what the nuns called you when they found you on them church steps."* *"I don't know who I am!"* *"There you are! You gotta go back as 'I-don't-know-who-I-am.'"* *"The man with no face. The Question."* [*"You ain't as dumb as you look."*](

The official Roster of /r/Screenwriting's screenwriters endeavoring to write and finish their screenplays by December 1 as a part of National ScreenWriting Month (NaScreeWriMo) -- still time to join!

**First off, I think we can ALL agree that we enjoy the feeling of *having written* a script to completion than the *actual process of writing* an entire script, from start to finish.** So, the goal is to get to that point of "having written a script" by Dec 1, regardless of grammar, spelling, and other writing mechanical rules. It's just short of stream-of-consciousness writing. The point is to take as much of your in-head story and put it on paper without regard to the aforementioned rest...

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The dilemma that will be my downfall.

***Warning: This is going to be quite long!*** So I left a comment on a Reddit post a few days back which asked what life decision you regret the most. My answer was the felony I committed back in 2005, and I briefly discussed why I regretted it so much, and how it continues to affect my life. I had a huge response, with comments and messages asking me to explain more, so I decided I'd just do a post here. Also, my girlfriend tells me I need to get some of the shit in life off my chest before...

The teacher

8:08 AM I remember the whiteness of it all. I remember how snow would fall upon the floor only to shine as the street lamps sprayed rays of light on the white surface which made the city resemble a sort of Winter Wonderland. That’s nice and all, but winter in Montreal could pretty much be summed up in four words: it’s a bitch. I remember I was late. The reason for this could easily be linked back to the first paragraph, but I wasn’t about to pretend that last night’s blizzard had anything to ...

much love , me 26m her 22f, rollercoaster relationship how to proceed?? opinions please!

I'm strangely nervous writing this. So, i met the girl of my dreams in December 2012. Let's call her Victoria. At that point, i was working fulltime, earning a good salary, and renting an inner city apartment by myself. I was also in recovery (from alcohol, marijuana and cocaine abuse) and being treated for social anxiety disorder and depression. We hooked up and dated casually for a few months as things between us were good: we had amazing sexual chemistry, similar opinions about relationships ...

My Experience With the "Elevator Ritual"

Before I can share with you my experience performing the “Elevator Ritual,” first I need to give you some background information so you can truly appreciate the impact this experience has had on me. When I heard about the Elisa Lam case, I became intrigued by the theory that she was playing the “Elevator Ritual” game on the surveillance tape and it somehow led to her death. After hours upon hours of research on her and the Ritual, I became obsessed. What really happened to her? Was she really d...

Cliffs Notes - Trial Transcript, Jan 31, 2000

[January 31, 2000 Trial Transcript]( , [alt]( (version made available by RC) - **Page 4-22 - Officer Scott Adcock, Baltimore County Police** - Page 5 - Adcock responded to call from the Lees on 1/13. Adcock asked for phone numbers of Hae's friends - Page 8 - Adcock says that during the call on 1/13, Adnan said that he saw Hae at school on 1/13 and she was going to give him a ride home, but he got deta...

A New Envisioned World - My Twisted Conclusion

A New Envisioned World - Part Two Chapter 6 - Back home, the terrorist found himself safe away from the continuing chaos outside. Struggling with the idea that his host had killed so many civilians today, Alex spit out what he thought of the man’s actions. “What about all those lives’ you’ve cut short? That family could have split custody for their child and remained perfectly happy with their decision. But that’s not a possibility you were willing to consider, now is it?” Mouth hanging open, t...

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